Monday, January 21, 2013

by Dana Carbo

My passion to be an advocate for the Pro-choice movement is kept strong because my family has been affected by the very thing that would have continued to happen if Roe vs. Wade had not gone in our favor. The same thing could also happen if abortion becomes outlawed in the future.
When my grandmother was two years old, she had an older brother, a younger brother, and her mother had discovered that she was expecting again. Her parents struggled to make ends meet as it was and it was even worse because they were living during the Great Depression. Her mother felt she had no other choice but to try to end her pregnancy since her husband and herself were already trying desperately to feed the family they already had. We are unsure whether or not she resorted to a back-alley abortion by some person she didn’t know, asked a trusted friend to assist her, or bravely tried to take on this feat by herself but an abortion was performed and she died soon afterwards. She was so desperate to try to make the right decision for her family that she risked and lost her own life.
She would not have lost her life and left her husband and three children to survive on their own had abortion been available, legal, and performed by a trained doctor. My grandmother was passed around between different family members, where she and her brothers endured abuse, while her father scrambled to find work. Once she was around ten years old, her father found a job in Baton Rouge and they all moved to the area. The children were placed in an orphanage in New Orleans while her father saved up enough money to be able to support his children.
Not only would many women lose their lives but many children would lose their mother and many men would lose their wives if abortion was completely outlawed. Abortion is a last resort not something that someone plans to do. It should always stay a viable option that could be considered by the families and women in a desperate situation.

Dana Carbo

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